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Colleges and Financial Aid
American Colleges and UniversitiesGraduate
This invaluable site is a database that has links to the homepages of virtually every accredited 4-year college and university in the United States. It is a fantastic resource for investigating colleges. However, it can be tricky to use because many universities have different campuses with very similar names. Be sure to know the specific campus you are interested in because different campuses may be very different in both academic and sports programs. It is also a little tricky that the schools are listed alphabetically by their official name. That means that many schools are listed under "U" for "University of..." or under "C" for "College of...."

College Answer
College Answer is a website of information and links provided by Sallie Mae, one of the major vendors for college loans. The site has some interesting college search and financial aid tools. There are sections on college entrance exams, test preparation, deciding on a particular college, the college application process, scholarships and grants, and much more.

The College Board
In addition to a variety of SAT-related services, The College Board site also has more general information and tools for college-bound students looking for college information. This site can get swamped at times by students looking for test-specific information.
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA on the web)
This is an absolute necessity for anyone looking for financial aid. The FAFSA is a cost-free application from the U.S. Department of Education. The FAFSA application is required in order to qualify a student for various kinds of Federally subsidized aid. Most student loans and many other grants require the FAFSA. Many schools also use it to determine the level of financial need even for aid that is not Federally subsidized.

US Department of Education Student information site
This site has a lot of good information about various kinds of student aid. It also lists all the Federally subsidized aid that a student has received and gives information about their dates, interest rates and payoff amounts. To access that information requires registration and an access PIN.

This is a large website with a wide variety of information and links to a large number of other financial aid sites.

This site is associated with and FinAid. It takes information from you and then acts as a matchmaker finding scholarships and colleges that may meet your needs and interests. It is a commercial site that makes its money from the colleges and services that get marketed to you based on your information. [I have no experience with FastWeb. I would love to have have comments about FastWeb from people who have used it. See the email link at the bottom of the page.]

ACT test registration and information and SAT test registration and information 
Most college bound high school students end up taking either the ACT or the SAT exam. This is a requirement for many athletes who must take either the SAT or the ACT test as part of qualifying for initial eligibility for NCAA Divisions I & II. The tests must be taken on "national" testing dates. The two testing organizations have a total of 13 different national testing dates per year. It is still advisable to take the test early.


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