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Where do you stand among other student athletes looking for college sports scholarships? One way to find out is to explore national high school championships, national high school records and the current year's best high school marks. In team sports it is more subjective. Where does your team rank in your state or region? To know how visible you are going to be to college coaches you should explore the high school records and high school sports association web sites. Read the sports pages of large state-wide or regional newspapers to get an idea of who is getting the attention.
The numbers game of college sports recruiting
There are about 126,000 students receiving approximately $1 billion of athletic scholarship financial aid to play college sports. If it seems like a lot of students are getting a lot of money, they are. However only about one in 25 high school athletes actually goes on to compete at the college level. Of those, only about one-half are receiving sports scholarships. That's one out of about 50 high school athletes, or about 2%, who are receiving athletic aid in college.

How do you use those numbers? The numbers mean that competition for sports scholarships is stiff.  Does it mean that you must be in the top 2% of all high school athletes in ability? No. Not all high school athletes are going to be eligible to play at the college level. Not all high school athletes will be have the size, strength, speed or other attributes that coaches in particular sports are looking for. Not all high school athletes will come to the attention of college recruiters. The numbers mean that most high school athletes will need to work for every advantage they can get in the recruiting game. That means preparing, learning and being proactive in the recruiting process.

National HS records

Track and field (men)

Track and field (women)

Track and field--indoor

HS championships
Cross Country (Footlocker)

National High School Coaches Association
This organization holds national competitions in a variety of sports. These include: Football Strength, Speed, and Agility Championships; Golf, Soccer and Wrestling. Past championships have also included Tennis.
Sport sites
Cross country, Track & Field: 
Everything you want to know about high school T&F and XC.
Track Shark
Mostly college track information that is also of interest to high school athletes.
Track and Field News Performance Lists
The year's top marks to date including high school and college marks.

Everything swimming.

More swimming stuff.

HS swimming associations (by state)

High school wrestling (by state)

High School volleyball information

U.S. High School Tennis Association
A sparse site that should improve with time.

A zillion links to running information.

National Federation of State High School Associations
This is the national governing body for most high school sports. It has official rules and maintains an official records book for many sports.

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