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Sports medicine
The topic of sports medicine covers a variety of subjects. Many sports-related health care issues have strong advocates on conflicting sides of a topic. Having a physician whose knowledge and skills you trust is essential to getting the best possible advice.

Skin infections: Serious antibiotic-resist Staphylococcus aureus ("Staph") infections have been increasing among athletes. Warnings include an advisory from the US Centers for Disease Control on infections among athletes. It is important to take steps to prevent infection as well as to detect infections for early treatment. These infections can be life-threatening and and often progress rapidly.

Overuse injuries: Physicians are seeing a huge increase in overuse injuries among young people due in part to more specialization and in part to large workout loads among talented young athletes. These include knee, shoulder and stress fracture injuries. Most overuse injuries are relatively minor and will heal with rest and moderate physical therapy. However young athletes who are pushing themselves to extreme levels of performance and perfection are at risk for life-long injury from overuse. Many coaches are wary of athletes who achieve athletic success at the cost of very heavy practice loads and recurring injuries. Do not let overuse end your athletic career early. No one can continue to work through pain without risk of injury. Remember, talent does not protect you from overuse.
Sports Medicine Advisor:
This resource has a long list of topics and the articles on sports medicine and injuries that are accessible to non-medical readers. The specific topics are covered in varying degrees of depth but it is a great place to start your search for sports medicine information.
Medline Plus Sports Injuries
Medline is the medical literature research service of the National Library of Medicine, a part of the National Institutes of Health. A number of sports-related injuries are described and their treatment discussed.
Dr. Stephen Pribut's site
A wealth of information about sports medicine and injuries with particular attention to overuse running injuries. If you are a runner with leg or foot pain this site is a great resource on prevention, treatment and more. There is an article on women's sports issues and also an article on exercising in heat that is useful for participants and coaches in many sports.
Mayo Clinic Topics in youth sports medicine
Although this article starts with a discussion of the pre-participation physical exam for young athletes, it has links to important topics in sports medicine like exercise-induced asthma, steroids, other  performance enhancing drugs, eating disorders, amenorrhea  and more.
A great many links to information about the dangers of using performance-enhancing drugs and steroids.
Teen's Health
Part of the Kid's Health website, this site has discussions of many health issues including a lot of topics related to sports. There are particular pages devoted to sports-related health issues like nutrition, sports supplements, women's sports issues and a long list of other sports-related topics.
NCAA on Supplements
An article about unregulated sports dietary supplements and their dangers for athletes.
The title topic is teen athlete use of steroids, but the site discusses other drugs taken for athletic performance enhancement. The site has a large section devoted to other teen health topics.
High school sports injuries
Fractures can be especially serious in young people. This site has information about sports injuries in high school students. Especially serious are fractures that affect the bone's growth plates.

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