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About this site:
This site is the home of The Sports Scholarship Handbook. In addition to introducing the Handbook, the site was created to assist students and student athletes in using the Internet to find information about colleges, college financial aid, and especially college sports scholarship aid. It includes the links discussed in The Sports Scholarship Handbook.

About the author:
Don Campbell has been a computer programmer, swimming instructor, college professor, and research scientist. He competed all four years in college and was captain of his team. Don has insight into conventional college scholarships that he acquired through 10 years as member of a statewide scholarship selection committee. He learned about sports scholarships as a parent of three talented athletes who all competed successfully at the collegiate level.

When visiting Internet booksellers, if you click on "Don Campbell" or "other books by this author," you will find books on music, self-healing and a variety of other subjects. Those are by other Don Campbells. It turns out that Don or Donald is a common name to pair with Campbell.

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